Your love for cheese, trains, and things you shouldn’t touch

July 24, 2010

Sam, you know, your middle-of-the-night sickness shenanigans really puts a damper on my plans to sit at the river all weekend.  I am so tired, I just want to be sit inside, not frolic or veg or relax or swim or whatever it is people do when they go to the river.  And while I’m sitting here, I want to have the kids clean the house, and then make me some brownies, which I’ll eat after dim sum.  And since they’re cleaning the house anyway, they might as well unpack some of these boxes in my office.

You know how each child has his own special style of illness?   Yours is to gag on mucous and throw up all night.  Honestly, I’d take that any day over a high fever or screaming ear infection.  But geezus, the piles of laundry are tiring on the eyes.

Before I forget, I have to mention that you now casually say, “hi” when people pass by.  And then you say, “bye-bye” — no longer gye-gye.  You say “bye-bye bruchrs” when your brothers leave, and you say “bye-bye dada” when you see him grab his softball attire (before he even puts it on).

For months, you’ve said “wow” when you see something new or amazing or impressive in any way.  “He-er wow” at the passing helicopter. 

You love to play with the wooden trains — we make ramped hills for the trains to slide down.  “Weeeee.”  You are very good at not destroying the complicated tracks that your brothers lay.  You might move a piece or two, or trip over a bridge, but you don’t pick up the whole thing and throw it back down like you did when you were younger.

Oh, you love cheese.  I know I can’t keep track of all the words you say, but you say cheese with enthusiasm.  Cheeeese!  Your voice goes a bit higher, and you draw out the eeee like an excited squeal.  You love cheese.  (Especially wrapped individually in plastic. Ayayay.)

I have no new pictures to share.  In your frenzied shouting way of demanding to hold my camera, you dropped it and I can’t get the lens cap off.  It’s fine, really, I’m sure.  The camera will be on the shelf (literally) until I get more sleep.

You have quite a will, my boy.  Just don’t think I’m falling for that trick again.


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