February 21, 2011

Sometimes I tell you stories…


There was an orangutan.  He lived in a zoo, and he was sad and a bit lonely.  The zookeeper loved him, and would bring music to play on his little stereo.  The orangutan enjoyed the music a lot, and one day, found that if he blew into a bottle just so, he could make a sound. One sound led to another until he could make his own music.

The zookeeper noticed and decided to bring him instruments. First he brought him a flute, but the orangutans fingers were big and clumsy and he couldn’t use it.  Because he was clumsy, he broke the guitar that the zookeeper brought next.  The zookeeper loved him, and so he went through the trouble and the expense and brought him a piano.

It was big and shiny and beautiful and it was like magic when the orangutan pressed a key.  He knew how to play right away, and played and played the most beautiful music.

People came from all over the world to hear him play.  Money was donated to the zoo, and they were able to improve the housing for the animals.  They were even able to bring in another orangutan.

But they didn’t get along very well, the orangutans.  So they have different houses and still the orangutan is sad and a bit lonely.

So he plays and plays the piano.  One day a stray kitten heard the music and found his way to the feet of the orangutan.  She loved the music so much that she curled up and closed her eyes, purring herself to sleep.

When he stopped playing, she followed him around, meowing, “Mew mew. Play more, play more.”

And he did.  He played for the kitten and she was happy, and she came everyday to listen and to purr at his feet.  One day, he found himself a little less sad and a little less lonely.

Over time, she stopped meowing at him, and over time, she made herself at home.  They spent every moment together, the kitten and the orangutan, and he no longer played music for anybody but her.  He was no longer sad, nor lonely, now that he found happiness in the little kitten’s smile.


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